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BlazePhoto stopps working -PhotoSaver/Photo2File

Question: i have just finished installing my photosaver. when i try to scan a photo i get this message. “blaze photo album 1.0 has stopped working. i checked and i have 2.0 installed. any help would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: Did you checked the version number on your BlazePhoto by going to HELP>> ABOUT on the Blaze Menu bar???  If the About screen show this as BlazePhoto 2.0 then you have the most recent version.   The warning message showing Blaze 1.0  is probably a message that was not updated.

In any case your issue is that BlazePhoto shuts down- is this correct?

Does it Freeze up?  Or does Blaze quit all together?

What happens when you restart your computer and work on it again- does the same things happen?

This could be caused by a lack of RAM Memory.  Please check your computer specs for me:

You can obtain most of this information by Right Clicking on the MY COMPUTER icon and selecting properties– this information will appear in the General tab of the properties window:

1) Operating system and Service pack number

2) Processor type and speed in GHz?

3) Amount of RAM memory is installed on your computer

4) Available hard disc space. (you can check this by right clicking on your C drive icon and selecting “properties”)

5) Do you have any other USB devices such as printers, scanners, cameras or all-in-one printer/scanners that are either connected or you have software installed for their operation.

You need around 700MB of memory to have everything work well.  If you have around 1GB RAM or less of memory you should make sure that you quit out of other applications that are open including e-mail, instant messaging and other applications that may be running in the background.

Let me know what you find and I will do my best to help you get this working better.


2 comments to BlazePhoto stopps working -PhotoSaver/Photo2File

  • cheryl

    i can’t get the blazevideo dvd to install or open on vista.. it tells me if i can’t get it to run, to double click on Bdvdarun.Exe in the cd root folder… where the hell is that? please some answers theres no support # i really want to install this camera so i can use it!

  • Hi Cheryl, It is possible that you have a bad CD. Do other CDs or DVD work on your computer? Which BlazeVideo CD are you trying to get to work and which product do you have? Did you purchase the PhotoSaver or Photo2File product or do you have one of our cameras – 70HD or 9in1? We can either send you a new CD. OR if you have the PhotoSaver or Photo2File product we have all of the drivers and software you need posted on our website. Go to this page to download the latest drivers:

    If you would like us to send you a new CD then send a request on this webform and we will put a new CD in the mail to you:

    Hope we can get this working for you soon.

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